Army Athletics Track and Field 2017










1.         General.  The Inter Corps and Individual Athletics Championships, will be held on Wed 24 May 17 at the Military Stadium Aldershot.


2.         Aim.  The aim of this instruction is to detail the administration requirements of the event.

The Competition


3.         General.  The aim of the Championships is to promote athletics and encourage competition between Corps.  The competition will be run in accordance with England Athletics rules.  All events will form part of the team competition.  The programme of events is attached at Annex D.


4.         Team Size.  Each Corps may enter 1 male and 1 female team.  Male teams are to enter 2 competitors in each event (A and B String) and female teams are to enter one competitor in each event. The number of events that any one member may enter is laid down in the rules at Annex E.  All competitiors in the Inter-Corps event will automatically be entered into the individual Championships. For all male and female track events, timings from the Inter Corps and Individual heats will be compared to decide the Individual Championships placing.  The field events will combine individual entrants, not included in Corps teams, and Corps representatives.


5.         Team Declaration Proforma.    Team Captains are to complete the team sheet at Annex D and submit it to the Event Secretary at the Team Captains’ brief at 0830hrs on Wed 24 May 17.


6.         Entry Details.  Corps wishing to enter should complete the entry form at Annex A and forward it, with appropriate entry fees to the event secretary Maj (Retd) John Killoran no later than Fri 19 May 17.  Cheques are to made payable to CENTRAL BANK ASCB or, if units wish to pay by BACS bank transfer, please pay into bank account 10529980 sort code 16-19-26 and use reference Inter-Corps Athletics.  Entry fees are £70 per Men’s team and £40 per Women’s team. Individual entries may be taken for individuals who wish to compete in an event but do not form part of their Corps team for that event.  This is dependant on the number of lanes available and individual entries for each event.  An entry fee of £5.00 is to accompany the Individual entry form and submitted to the Army Athletics Secretary.  Entries will not be accepted without these fees.


7.         Team Captains.  Each unit is to appoint a Team Captain.  One of their responsibilities is to ensure the team declaration sheets are completed prior to the event and handed in during the Team Captains’ brief; they must also ensure nominated athletes turn up to their individual events in good time. 


8.         Programme of Events.  The programme of events is outlined at Annex D and may be subject to minor changes.  Any such changes will be briefed by the Event Secretary during the team captains’ brief on Wed 24 May 17. 


Conduct of the Event


9. Administration.  The following administration points are to be noted.


a.  Registration.  Registration and Team Captains’ brief will take place at 0830hrs 24 May 17 at the Military Stadium, Aldershot.  The first event will start at 0900hrs.


b.   Feeding.  Competing units are to make their own feeding arrangements for the day of the event.  Refreshments will be available for competitors to purchase throughout the day.  VIP feeding will be provided for lunch.


c.  Changing facilities.  Changing rooms and toilets are available within the Aldershot Military Stadium.


d.   Medical.  A first aid kit for minor injuries will be available at the stadium. For serious injuries casualties 999 will be called.


e.   Officials.  SSgt Maclellan (RAPTC) will co-ordinate all officials.


f.   Athletics Equipment.  All equipment for the championships will be provided by the Army Athletics Association less pole vaults.  Individuals who are participating in this event should provide their own pole.  Equipment has been checked for serviceability.


g.   Risk Assessment.  The Event Secretary will produce the event Risk Assessment (RA) this will be on display during the event.


10.       Events.  Team Captains will be briefed at registration on the running order and any changes to the programme.  Adherence to timings will be vital to the success of the day.


11.       Scoring.  The scoring for the event will be briefed to all Team Captains on the day. 


12.       Prizes.  Prizes (medals) will be awarded to winners and runners up in each event; team trophies will also be awarded.  The medals available will be 20 for the men’s teams and 12 for the women’s teams. There will also be medals awarded for the first 3 individuals in both the Male and Female events. The prize-giving will be conducted at lunchtime for those individuals who have completed their events and on the conclusion of the competition for the remaining events.  Teams are requested not to depart from the Athletics stadium until prize giving is completed.


13.       Corps Representatives. Corps representatives are encouraged to support their teams, lunch and light refreshments will be provided.  Team captains are requested to confirm attendance of VIP’s by COP Fri 19 May 17, to assist with VIP feeding planning.


14.       Authority to Travel. This letter is the authority for teams and individuals to travel at public expense to this approved Inter-Corps fixture, in accordance with JSP660 and 2017DIN10-023. All travel arrangements are to be by the cheapest and most economical means and coordinated so as individuals travelling from the same or near unit locations travel together.


15.       Summary.  The Inter Corps Athletics Championships will provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy a day of athletics competition.  It will also serve to identify the current in form athletes for future Army level athletic squads.  Any questions about the competition should be addressed to the Event Secretary Maj (Retd) John Killoran.



C Murton
Event Assistant Secretary for the AAA Secretary