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See: Regional Command UK South Cross Country League Fixtures 2016/17






1.         The finals of the Army Cross Country Teams and Individual Championships will be held at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, by kind permission of the RMAS Commandant; Major General P A E Nanson CBE, on Wednesday 1 February 2017.  The event will be organised by the AAA Secretary and will be assisted by the RMAS RAPTC staff. There will be two races in which the following events will be contested:


            a.         Race 1   (Start 1220 hours) Distance approx. 4.5 km
                        1)            Army Women’s Inter Unit Team Championships
                        2)            Army Women’s Individual Senior Championships
                        3)            Army Women’s Individual U23’s Championships
                        4)            Army Women’s Individual Masters Championships

            b.         Race 2   (Start 1320 hours) Distance approx. 9.5 km
                        1)            Army Major Inter Unit Team Championships
                        2)            Army Minor Inter Unit Team Championships
                        3)            Army Individual Men’s Championships
                        4)            Army Masters Inter Unit Team Championships
                        5)            Army Individual Masters (male) Championships
                        6)            Army U23’s Unit Team Championships
                        7)            Army U23’s Individual Championships



1) AGE:  Cross Country competitions for U23’s men & women shall be confined to competitors over 17 but under 23 on 1 Sept 2017.

2) For Masters competitions, women must be 35 or over, men 40 or over on the day of the competition.

3)     Entries for U23 Individual Championships is open to all serving personnel who fall within the age category at Note 1 above. All dates of birth must be verified by Unit Rep.  Failure to declare the U23’s on the entry form provided, could result in an U23 runner, missing out on a prize or selection for the Army team.

4)     Masters Inter Unit Team Championships is open to all Units.

5)     Team Composition:

  Major Units 10 with 8 to score
  Minor Units   8 with 6 to score
  U23’s Units 6 with 4 to score
  Women’s Teams 6 with 4 to score
  Veteran Teams (Male and Female) 6 with 4 to score


2. Once a running number has been allocated for the final it should not be exchanged between team members.  Runners should wear the number as allocated and must not remove the perforated strip from the number.

a. Qualifiers will be in accordance with the following allocations to
the finals:


Women’s Team

Major Unit Team

Minor Unit Team

Masters Teams

U 23 Teams

Regional Command (South)






London Dist






Regional Command (North)






Regional Command (Midlands)






BA (G)












*See note 1


Note:  A Minor Unit is defined as an establishment of 299 all ranks or less.  Squadron, Batteries or Companies, which form part of a Major Unit, are not considered as Minor Units for the purpose of Army Sport.



3.         All team finalists as shown at Para 2a above are to be submitted by the
Regional Secretaries. This submission should follow the 1st round eliminator. The submission should be sent together with consolidated results and entry fees for all teams and individuals who qualify for the finals of the competition from the Command 1st round competitions. Reserve units and individuals may compete under the same rules as their regular counterparts. There will be no separate Reserve forces prizes. Regional Secretaries may request an increase in allocation over and above those shown should they believe the overall standard warrant an increase.


a.         U23’s Inter Unit Teams may enter the Army Final direct without having to qualify through Support Command Championships providing that all members of the team are within the age bracket (Note 1).


b.         The top 15 individuals from each division who do not form a part of a team should be entered into the Army Finals by the Regional organiser. (All individuals must complete entry forms through Support Command and send them to the Secretary Army AA).
c.         NOTE FOR COMMAND SECRETARIES:  Entries should be sent direct to this office on the enclosed entry form, by not later than Wednesday 25 January 2017. Additional teams over and above those annotated may be accepted on request from 1st round organising secretaries. No team changes on the day.



4.                     TEAMS


            a.         Major Units                  £50.00             }
                        Minor Units                  £40.00             }  No entry will be accepted
                        U23 Teams                  £30.00             }  without the appropriate
                        Veteran Teams            £30.00             }  fees.
                        Women’s Teams         £30.00             }


b.         Individuals (all classes) £5.00.  (Please note that German Bank
cheques cannot be accepted).  Support Command Secretaries should ensure that all cheques are made payable to “ASCB CENTRAL BANK”.


  1. Travel expenses for attending this event qualify as conditions of service travel for

representative sport.  Authority for travel to the competition is to be attributed to AG’s TLB.  Travel at Public expense is authorised in accordance with 2014 DIN 10-030. This letter may be quoted as the authority for travel. Units must however travel as a team to the event not individually in separate vehicles.



6.         The registration desk will open in the Gymnasium/or venue chosen by RMAS at 1000 hours on Wednesday 1 February 2017 and will close 15 minutes before the start of the first race, by which time all Team Captains and Individuals should have reported.

a.         Team Captains are to:

1)         Collect running numbers and race information. Numbers will be allocated as per team lists submitted on the entry form.

2)         Attend a course briefing which will be given 45 minutes before the start of the first race.

3)         This event is a qualifying fixture to select runners for the Army squads to represent the service at the Inter Service Finals on the 15th February at HMS Raleigh. Those selected will be notified prior to the Prize giving.


7.         The course will be opened and signed for competitors to ‘walk the course’ between 1000 hours and 1145 hours.  It should be noted that Royal Military Academy Sandhurst may not be used for Cross Country running except for the Army Championships on Wednesday 1 February 2017


8.         Accommodation in the Aldershot area is limited, therefore units should telephone CABS on Mil Tel: 01252 354305, Fax: 01252 352169 or for Out of Hours 9 6340 2100/Civil Tel:  0845 168 2100 or Fax 00845 168 2150 at the earliest opportunity after qualifying.



9.         Units should make their own arrangements for transporting teams and individuals between Aldershot and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and where possible travel as a team.



10.       Team captains are to ensure that all team members carry their ID cards.  Additionally, a list of athletes annotating name, rank and number should be made available for the security staff on arrival. RMAS always ensures strict security, be warned.


11.       Championships Officials - the Officials Secretary is requested to nominate the following Officials:

 a.        1)         Referee
            2)         Chief Judge and Judges x 4
            3)         Chief Timekeeper and Timekeepers x 4
            4)         OIC Recorders, recorders x 4
            5)         Registration Team (3 x APTCIs)
            6)         Stats Team Assistants (Assistant secretary plus 1)


b.         All other officials will be provided in liaison with G7 PD 4 Division and RMAS.



12.       Divisional Sport Board Secretaries are to ensure that each team and individual who qualifies and wishes to compete in the Finals be given a copy of these instructions at the conclusion of the 1st round Divisional eliminator.


13.       All successful teams/individuals MUST complete team/individual lists and send them to the Secretary, Claire Murton by Wednesday 25 January 2017 on Fax no
94222 7094, or email Claire at No team changes will be made on the day of the race.


C. Murton


Annexes:  1, 2 and 3. Entry forms for finals.


Under 23s Entry Form  Team Entry Form  Individual Entry Form